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So, as a regular Lisbon Metro user and imagining that around the scans daily community there would certainly be some more regular underground passangers, I thought it only fair to share something that I saw today and made my day a little funnier.

Two small points first:

-This is a series of posters from an endeavour of the Lisbon Metro(I'm linking to the Portuguese page of this, seeing as there is not an proper English version and the links to the .pdf's with those pics are on the bottom of the image) which are supposed to be part of the beginning of a series of outreach campaigns to avoid certain behaviours in the Metro. We'll see how it works in the future.

-I've not translated any of those pages, not only because of lack of time, but due to the small amount of text and the way the figures so perfectly translate the action I want to see if everyone can understand what is happening through the near universal endeavour of using public transportation.

Seven pics from a series of promotional posters. Do I need to cut them down to the 1/3rd rule? They're available online so I didn't think so... )


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