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Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne. Yeah, they hooked up in the DCAU, but in the DCU, they're just friends.

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As requested, their moments together. )

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I was revisiting the Torment arc in Superman/Batman and discovered this little gem of a page in issue no. 41.
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As requested by [ profile] ladymirth, scans from last years DC Holiday Special.

In A Day Without Sirens, there are posters up advertising a day without guns, knives, etc. Despite Jim Gordon's complete disbelief, there are 24 hours without a single 911 call and a downtrodden Jim is much cheerier when he meets Batman, who seems quite happy himself.

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In It's a Wonderful Night, Dick runs into trouble while trying to hand deliver a special present for Tim. He then discovers Tim with Owen Mercer at a showing of 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

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In The Night Before Christmas, the Teen Titans take a christmas break and go hang out. Tim is a bit emo and he and Cassie reflect at Rockerfeller Centre.

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In Party Animal, John Stewart (Green Lantern) and Roy Harper (Red Arrow), are late for the Christmas party, which even Batman is attending. They bring Shaggy Man along to give S.T.A.R labs a break, who gets spooked by the singing. Let's face it, you would too. It all ends with a good partying.

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