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"I don’t see her as an anarchist, she’s apolitical. Anarchists reject hierarchy, and Tank Girl is very definitely the boss of her gang. She’s an outsider; Tank Girl, Booga, Jet Girl, Barney – they’re a gang of outlaws, they don’t interact with politics, they just do what the hell they want. I see Tank Girl as a Western, she has a frontier mentality, she pushes boundaries and makes her own laws and moral codes. I guess that could well reflect the current climate of disillusion and apathy with the political system, and that something new could form out of the chaos."

- Alan Martin

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Something a little bit different.

I am horrified: on the whole of scans_daily, we appear to have one page of Tank Girl. What is the meaning of this.

Unfortunately I am without TG trades at this time, and can offer only the following;

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Someone post some of the Rufus Dayglo run, will ya?


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