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“When we first teamed for Daredevil, DC called us. This was years ago. They offered me and Alex to leave Marvel and come do Batman. We looked at each other and were like, ‘ahh they finally called and we can’t come!’ Anyone can relate to this, once in a while you get a call and later you think, ‘I wonder what would have happened if I had done this?’ There was no sliding door, we weren’t going to leave Marvel at the time. But we’ve always thought about it. So when I came to DC, I had to call Alex. He said, ‘I want Batman! I’ve waited so many god damn years!’ If you put a piece of paper in front of Alex, he’ll draw Batman. That’s his go-to. So there was a lot of context when DC offered us to do a story in Detective Comics #1000. I was like oh yeah, this will scratch that itch beautifully for me and Alex.” -- Brian Michael Bendis

The story can be read here.

Scarlet #1

Aug. 30th, 2018 07:59 pm
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"I live in a world where there is great protest. In Portland, even though we started this book eight years ago, it was because there was so much protest here. The idea that a revolution would start here did not seem crazy. It wouldn't shock us. Years have gone by and the protests have gotten more intense and the city politics around those protests have gotten intense in a way that I couldn't even perceive. It fueled the idea, the over-the-top idea, that a protest could go so far to shut a city down and paralyze the government that is supposed to be dealing with it. It was one of those ideas that sounded crazy when I started, and more and more, it just sounds like anything in the world doesn’t sound that crazy [anymore]. I started with, 'what would be the most insane idea I could think of that I could go to thinking I would be years ahead of the curve?’ Yet I still feel it’s not that ahead of the curve." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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'Golden Age' is one of my favorite arcs from Bendis' and Maleev's run on Daredevil. It's just a great combination of writing from Bendis and art from Maleev. It's also largely a stand-alone story so you just need to be familiar with the basic concept of Daredevil being outed as Matt Murdock and later declaring himself the 'Kingpin' of Hell's Kitchen.

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I posted this series back in 2015 but with Bendis leaving Marvel I wanted to do something to look back at his career and in my opinion his Daredevil run was his best work.

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From Infamous Iron Man #12, written by Brian Michael Bendis and with art by Alex Maleev.
You have to love how hilariously passionate Mephisto is about screwing with Doom's life!
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Here is a repost of a page from Brian Bendis' DAREDEVIL run. Issue #56 has Ben Urich giving a "history of crime" to an unknown person. Also it ties into a New York Times editorial and a short look at early 20th century Feminism, just so you know. I mention Andrea Dworkin, Ray Bradbury and Upton Sinclair, because why not?

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