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"Generation Gone is a story of three hacker kids who get superpowers and their lives fall apart just as the military goes after them. It’s SKINS meets UNBREAKABLE and bits of AKIRA and who knows what else, set in the United States of America, pretty much NOW. It’s raw and it’s real and it’s elevated and it goes places that, I believe, will surprise most readers."

- Ales Kot

"If I’m making a story set in the US right now, it’s impossible to not be political. As a matter of fact, it’s always impossible to not be political. Even a refusal to be political is a political statement. And not one that ages well. That, of course, doesn’t mean I have to be didactical or simplistic. I’m not interested in that. What I’m interested in exploring and showing is real people going through extraordinary changes and circumstances. What I’m interested in is exorcism as alchemy."

- Ales Kot

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"She was the first of the Inhumans to step out on her own and try to connect with humanity. She was an Avenger. She even married Ronan in War of Kings to broker a galactic peace. She’s always put herself out there, taken huge risks, for very compassionate reasons. I think that daring and empathy are an incredible emotional battery to put at the core of Crystal, her mission, and the series. And the dramatic experiment comes in seeing how well her virtues hold up under the incredible pressure of representing all of Inhuman-kind in very high-stakes political showdowns around the globe." - James Asmus

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"I know some people won’t look at Inhuman books, treating it like a rival sports team as opposed to what it is — another corner of the shared Marvel Universe. I think part of why there are more Inhumans now is not unlike why there are so many mutants. Back in the day, Stan Lee wanted a way to explain lots of powers instead of continually having to invent different sci-fi accident backstories. But after 45 years of exploring that device, the story of the Marvel U cracked open a new source, and fresh ground to explore." - James Asmus

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"The story of Spider-Man is a person who, despite having a lot of problems he can barely manage, tries to be better because he knows he has to be. He’s our best self. It’s an indestructible concept, because it’s fundamentally honest. Like Shakespeare, it can be recast and restaged in countless ways because it’s unbreakable. There have been lots of Lears and a hundred Hamlets. Of course there billions of Spider-Men, there are billions of us." - Mike Costa

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"Jason [Latour] is my greatest enemy in comics and I am seeking to destroy him by writing a far superior Spider-Gwen." - Mike Costa

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What I love about this Sue that's so different from the Sue of the 616, or almost any version of her, is that she's defined much less by the family around her. She's a formidable character in her own right. I always go back to those first few issues of "Ultimate Fantastic Four," where she's exploring her teammates, getting to know their physiology. She really has an understanding of the consequences of interdimensional travel changing your body and the consequences of the relationships that she's in.

She's gone on this journey and lost so much in way that Sue Storm in the 616 never has. The 616 Sue lost her parents, but she does have a great family that supports her and believes in her. She's a mother and a celebrity. She has all these things that this Sue Storm does not have. The Ultimate Sue was a celebrity for a little bit, but then she became the girl that was dating the sociopath.

I think she's had to come into her own, and Jonathan and Sam did such a great job developing her character in "Ultimates." She's such a great, strong character, I love writing her voice and I love getting to present this character in a leadership role in a book, especially this one, because it really tickles the format.
” - Joshua Hale Fialkov

Warning: Unintentional sexism below!

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