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While I'll let someone else post the pages in between, since we last left our heroes fighting an evil changeling wizard or inside a burning orphanarium fighting zombie children, they've been thrown in a river, and then picked up the changeling's trail. The fiendish villain is carrying an artifact of ill repute and vast power, and has taken refuge in a traveling caravan.

As Fell's Five catches up, they find the caravan under attack by Orcs! They break up the initial attack, and force the Orcs to momentarily pull back.

Now, to bring the travelers up to speed, in the most polite and sensitive terms possible.

Why they don't just keep the Rogue gagged is beyond me... )

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It really pains me that I can't share more than four pages of this issue now that I've finally gotten my hands on scans, but here are the best I could narrow it down to.

Others MUST step up so the internet can see the glory of discussions of Dwarven aesthetics, why a gnome being fond of you is bad, and the glorious quality of Dwarven pastries. Among other things.

This cut conceals four +3 Scans of Awesome. )
I really can't say enough good about this series, except to say that if I had to cut my pull list down to one title per month, this would be it.

GO BUY IT, YOU ALL HEAR ME? SUPPORT THIS SERIES. *grumbleTheOrdergrumbleBlueBeetlegrumbleGreatTen*


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