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You want romance? You got romance!

You want giant space conquering robots? You got giant space conquering robots!

You want snarky accountant based humour? You got snarky accountant based humour

You want a magnificently silly title? You got THE magnificently silly title...

From 1987's Transformers #31, I am proud to present;

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In reply from a request from [personal profile] werehawk , I've done some digging through my longboxes, the local library and the invaluable resources at tfwiki to produce this profile of one of more interesting humans to interact with the Transformers in many, many years...

The fact that she appears to be wearing nothing more than a layer of shredded tinfoil should not lead one to underestimate Josie Beller, better known as...

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Greetings, Mortals! Chocochuy reporting for duty...after a long absence!

Today I would like to take the chance to provide you with a double treat : A contribution to the Cute Romance Week as well as providing a brief review of the newest Ghost Rider film which I had a chance to see some hours ago. Now sit back and enjoy the show!

Vengeance and Love )
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As a follow-up to this post that I made yesterday, more of the Rock & Rule comic book - this time featuring Omar and Angel's band from the early part of the story. 3 more pages, bringing me to a total of 6 of 46.

You've got a way with words, Omar. )

Tags: creator: Bob Budianski, creator: Clive A Smith, creator: Bill Mantlo, title: Rock & Rule, medium: video
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So, an oldish animated movie called Rock & Rule has been randomly popping up in my life for the past few weeks - most recently when it was mentioned in Comics Should Be Good's Comic Book Legends Revealed, which prompted me to track down the comic book adaptation. 3 pages of which (from 46) are under the cut.

My name is Mok, thanks a lot. )

Tags: creator: Bob Budianski, creator: Clive A Smith, creator: Bill Mantlo, title: Rock & Rule, medium: video


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