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Hi folks!

A while back I posted a bit from the Hero Hotline appearance in Action Comics Weekly, so I thought you might like to see a bit of the full miniseries. This was actually written first, and three issues were already in the editing phase when the creators were asked to do a "preview" in Action.

7 pages of 22 from the first issue. Trigger Warning for domestic abuse.

Sometimes you need the Justice League. But sometimes you just need a hero. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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It strikes me I've been getting back into bad ways recently, getting all cynical and snarky about a hobby I still enjoy and the DCnU in particular, and so I'm going to focus on posting from a couple of DCnU titles I HAVE enjoyed lately, in particular, Talon and Amethyst, but to tide you over until I can get off my backside and sort that out, here's a little blast from the past, from 1977 in fact, from the page of Batman Family, Robin and Batgirl (and a surprise friend or two) face off against;


The Five-in-One Foe! )
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After that unfortunate business in Legends of the Dark Knight, I thought we needed some scans of Alfred being awesome.

From Detective Comics #486, 1979 (Select panels from a 7-page story)
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A bit of fun from the era when Babs was a congresswoman in Washington, DC.
(Detective Comics #483, 1979. 4 pages from a 12-page story.)
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...There was "Action Comics Weekly", DC's first attempt at a weekly comic book. It was an anthology comic somewhat on the model of 2000 AD, several continuing stories each week, with seven page chapters (and a two-page Sunday comics spread for Superman.) There were several interesting projects done during this run--I especially liked the new Secret Six they had. Sadly, sales and logistics reasons meant that the experiment lasted less than a year.

Love that Kirby art, though I think this might have been an inventory piece DC had lying around. 2 1/3 pages from each of the seven-page storiesin Action Comics Weekly #638 (2/7/89), one double-page spread, and a special treat!

Remember relevance? )

Your thoughts, questions and comments?
( --see my fiftieth birthday approaching!)
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Greetings all! Reading through some old issues of Conan the Barbarian, Spider-Man and Batman pencilled by Gil Kane, I've picked up a trend in his artwork, and I'd like to share it with you guys to get an idea of how well-known this trend is.

Now, what is that trend? The long and short of it is this:

This particular shot, drawn from a low angle and highlighting the bottom of people's noses.

More nasal fun, under the cut )

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against Gil Kane and his art (I wouldn't have put effort into scanning and cropping these if I really disliked it), just intrigued by the prevalence of this particular shot and focus on the nose in general.
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OK, now that I've got my breath back from reading Titans #23 - jeez, did Roy drop a bag of flaming dog poop on Didio's front porch or something? - I've remembered I recently came across Teen Titans #53, which is both the origin issue and the breakup issue. (Ironically, it's also the first issue of OTT I ever bought, back in the day.)

It has Guardian and Bumblebee minding the store at OTT HQ, and reading in a big record book of the Titans' first adventure, the one reworked in Year One: the heroes going rogue, the sidekicks joining forces, trading off sidekick/hero matchups, breaking the evil alien influence etc. Roy was a rough fit even then, but the standoffishness was on Roy's side, according to this:

And it was a much-grown Roy who got to do the honors of disbanding the original Titans.

Here's how he felt about them all in the end. )

I just don't even know what to make of Titans #23, after rereading this issue.

suggested tags - char: bumblebee/karen beecher (does not exist), char: herald/vox/mal duncan, char: harlequin/duela dent, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: aqualad/tempest/garth, creator: bob rozakis, creator: juan ortiz (does not exist), group: teen titans, publisher: dc comics, title: teen titans

(would theme: retcon hell be appropriate for this post? I dunno.)
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Found one more (very brief) example of Gordon and Non-Bat Hero Interaction (Also, includes Bat Hero)

2 panels )

tags: batman/bruce wayne, char: jim gordon, char: karate kid/val armorr, title: detective comics, title: the brave and the bold, creator: bob rozakis, creator: joe staton, creator: mike barr, creator: rick hoberg, publisher: dc, era: bronze age
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Someone requested scenes of Jim Gordon interacting with heroes other than Batman and Robin. I don't know if Alfred counts as a "hero", but here's a cute story from 1977. It's only 8 pages, so unfortunately I can only show you small bits of it.


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