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Ultimate Extinction #3

SPOTLIGHT: How fond are you of the old Silver Age of Marvel Comics? Is the Galactus story from Fantastic Four #48-50 a particularly revered storyline for you?

WARREN ELLIS: Like most British writers, I didn't grow up with this stuff, and it really holds no special glow for me. Of our generation, people like Mark Millar, who adore this old stuff, are more the exception than the majority. Me and Garth Ennis grew up with the British stuff, the SF weekly 2000AD and the war comics.

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Inspiration Point: UNCANNY X-MEN #299

UNCANNY X-MEN #299 is an X-Men issue that, surprisingly, doesn't have a lot of action. It is mostly set up that Magneto is still alive and Professor Xavier debating Senator Robert Kelly on Nightline (but with a guest-host instead of Ted Koppell). But I consider two pages from the issue very inspiring.

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Uncanny Inhumans #6

'One of the goals with "Secret Wars" was to bring elements of the Battleworld locales over to the main Marvel U once the event was complete -- not just for my series, but for all of them. I thought the Quiet Room would be a great addition to the MU, because I couldn't think of anything else like it -- essentially a crossroads for all types of people. [It's] a neutral ground where heroes, villains and regular people could all hang out and, if necessary, work through their disputes.' - Charles Soule

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Uncanny Inhumans #5

"Imagine if you had the most important job in the world and it consumed every moment of your life and your thoughts, and on top of that you have to remain completely under control at all times for fear of making even the tiniest sound and destroying everything around you. And then, suddenly, you don't have to do that job anymore. You still can't talk, but you can do whatever you want." - Charles Soule

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Uncanny Inhumans #1

'Whatever the opposite of "street-level" is, that's Uncanny Inhumans. Sky-level? Sure. It's the most Sky-level series ever.' - Charles Soule

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Ultimate Ultimates #5

Ultimate Ultimates #5 (I refuse to call it Ultimate Comics Ultimates, as that would just sound silly) comes out tomorrow. Or today if you buy your Ultimate books digitally. It's a good read, and is a bit of a breather issue after the white knuckle ride of the first few issues.

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A bit of early Jubilee, by request

For [personal profile] protogarrett who requested some old-school Jubilee.

One full page from "Uncanny X-Men #244, four scans from "X-Men" v.1 #4, #7 and #9 (about half a page from each), and two full pages from "Uncanny X-Men" #297. All are 22-page comics.

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Alan Moore's GLORY

GLORY was Alan Moore's homage to the Wonder Woman mythos, in the way SUPREME was his homage to Superman. It featured one of the more interesting takes on the idea of a secret identity that I've seen.

These pages are from issues 0 and 1.

Ultimate Vision: Of mad techno-communes and ladybot early warning systems.

(edit note: swapped from embedded thumbnails to full images; there's an appreciable amount of images in here, so you may either like or hate that. Use your own discretion.)

Ultimate Vision is still a heavy-thinking robot that can phase through things.

The difference is...

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