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I'm indebted to [personal profile] proteus_lives whose scans of these from a posting way back were easier to find on my hard disc and edit than digging out my copy of New Mutants #60. There are just over 5 pages from a 40 page issue here.

Summation of events to date... Sunspot and Warlock had left the team after Bobby had run away from school after accidentally nearly crippling Sam, and Warlock had left with him to make sure he was okay (Why Warlock would leave Doug and co like that is never adequately explained, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I LIKE Louise Simonson's writing on other titles, her Power Pack was awesome, but her New Mutants issues just plain never worked for me). They end up joining the Fallen Angels gang for a while, but eventually leave to come back home.

Meanwhile, bereft of his selfsoulfriend (and also his protection in battle situations), Doug is on something of a downer, his inferiority complex kicks into high gear, and even his somewhat unexpected relationship with Rahne is suffering because she is spending all her time fussing around a new friend "Birdbrain", humanoid bird creature who they helped release from captivity. He's basically having a REALLY shitty few months..

But it's still better than what it so come )

char: cypher.doug ramsey, char: warlock, char; cannonball/sam guthrie, char: sunspot/roberto dacosta, char: wolfsbane/rahne sinclair, char: mirage/dani moonstar, title: new mutants, creator: louise simonson, creator: brett blevins, event: death week

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I was thinking of fulfilling benicio127's request for more scans of Dick as Batman from PRODIGAL, but as I only bought the Two-Face-centric issues for my last post, there wasn't much that seemed worth posting.

For the most part, it's just Dick!Bat doing typical Batman vs. criminals stuff with little in the way of characterization to distinguish him from Bruce. He reads more like a young, less angry Bruce than Dick Grayson. I'd hoped to find the first issue with Croc for any notable moments, but I've lost the issue somewhere in my collection.

That said, I did find two which I hope will suffice for now. The first is from SHADOW OF THE BAT #33, while the other is the storyline's conclusion in ROBIN #13, wherein family matters are hashes out.

Pointy shoulders and family angst behind the cut! )

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char: batman/dick grayson
char: robin/red robin/tim drake
creator: chuck dixon
creator: alan grant
creator: phil jimenez
creator: bret blevins
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First off, did anyone else notice in the DC Solicits that the MANHUNTER co-feature in STREETS OF GOTHAM is going to be replaced by a TWO-FACE co-feature? It's going to be written by Ivan Brandon, who wrote via Twitter, "I've made two-face's life decidedly worse."

This... could be very, very interesting. Particularly considering that I've been hating the use of Harv in MANHUNTER thus far. But it appears that I may have been too hasty. All in all, very interesting indeed!

Now, back to more Grayson-y goodness!

When Dick upgraded to Batman status like everybody bloody well knew he would in the wake of Bruce's "death," it felt strangely like both the writers and the fans had forgotten that this is actually the second time that he'd donned the cape and cowl. For instance, Winick's five-issue BATMAN run went out of its way to have Dick complain about how he'd never realized just how heavy Bruce's cape was.

The Continuity Cop in me was appalled. "What?! How could these people forget the 1994 multi-Bat-issue crossover storyline 'Prodigal?!'"

And then I actually reread "Prodigal," for the purposes of this post. It's... well, it's not bad, per se, it's just... so very of its era: the time of Chuck Dixon on DETECTIVE COMICS (and ROBIN), Doug Moench on BATMAN, and Alan Grant on SHADOW OF THE BAT. And even though I still consider Dixon the best of the trio, his Two-Face even back then was... well...

... with anger? (ten points if you get that reference)

Even though this came out eight years before ROBIN: YEAR ONE, consider 1994's "Prodigal" to be the official sequel, if that makes any sense. Oh, and the puns get a bit worse from here too (two? Just getting into the spirit of things).

Two-Face and Dick Grayson rematch behind the cut! )


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