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When we first met Rahne Sinclair, back in the New Mutants Graphic novel, she was a terrified 13 year old, being pursued across her Scottish island home by a literal pack of torch-wielding villagers, led by the Reverend Craig, a Presbyterian minister of, even by Presbyterian standards, excessively strict views. (Translation - The man was nuttier than squirrel shit and had about as much to do with the Christian concepts of love and charity as a slug has to do with tap dancing)

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Thanks to icon_uk's timely notice of his fanartist of choice's eBay commission auction, I now have a lovely pen-and-ink two-character piece of (Steph) Batgirl and Oracle. He was a pleasure to deal with via e-mail; we noodled around thoughts about Oracle guiding Steph through training before we hit on the idea of Steph in the field with an inset of Oracle monitoring via computer. He also sent me a scan of the pencils so I'd know it was near completion, and included a penciled board with the package.
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How's that for a lotta bang for your commissioning bucks? Thanks again, icon_uk, for the commission tip!

For a legality scan, here's a random page of Babs and Dick fun from Birds of Prey #54 I found floating around my photobucket - I've posted it before, but I think it was to s_d 1.0 and therefore long-lost.
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tag wranglers - char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: batgirl/robin/spoiler/steph brown, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, creator: casey jones, creator: gilbert hernandez, creator: mitch ballard, genre: commission, group: avengers, title: birds of prey
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I wish this pairing had lasted longer.

I don't want it back. There's no point trying to recapture past glories, but, damn, did Kitty and Pete sparkle for a while there.

And I just love this sequence from Excalibur #102.


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