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Also from (and maybe the best of) the Young Animal line! Here's a quality, sometimes bubbly, sometimes poetic series about comic book resurrection, intergalactic pop culture, and the bittersweet journey of a second chance.

The CW should really look into this - it'd make a perfect sister series to iZombie. Check it!

Words: Cecil Castellucci
Art: Marley Zarcone
Colors: Kelly Fitzpatrick

How do you find a star to sail by \ when there is nothing but a black sky? \ You start with your heart. )

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A few weeks ago I started the occasional series of Minx posts by looking at Regifters before looking at some of New York Four/New York Five (which I intend to post more of later on because it's really bloody good).

This is a look at Plain Janes, one of only two Minx series to be given a sequel (the other being New York Four). It's by Jim Rugg (art) and Cecil Castellucci (story) and is about not only finding your place in the world, but creating a place for yourself.

The backstory is that Jane lives in Metro City at the beginning of the book. she gets caught up in a bomb explosion in the city centre and the family moves out to the suburbs. Jane vows to keep strong and not let the bomb ruin or change her life, or make her timid and afraid.

This is her first morning of school. )


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