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There has been a Miss Victory post before, so I'm not really going to offer any set-up. Just two words...

Nazi Gorilla
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I had a pretty interesting couple of weeks. I visited New York City. I met [personal profile] queenanthai in real life. A whole bunch of other, more personal stuff happened. Personal stuff that I would rather not dwell on anymore. So, in the spirit of escaping from problems that defy easy, superhero-style solutions, I decided to post something I have been meaning to post for a while, but real life kept getting in the way.

Captain Aero Comics - Miss Victory - Header

[personal profile] s0mnambulance's post about questionable 80s comics inspired me to look back at Miss Victory's original, Golden Age stories. And I discovered that even back in those early years, Miss Victory stories had some rather questionable subtext.

The following story originally appeared in Captain Aero Comics #9. Art by Charles Quinlan, writer unknown.

A case of mistaken identity takes a turn for disturbing (6 pages under the cut) )


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