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OK gang, here's the skinny: one of my favourite webcomics (and, arguably, one of the greatest in existence) is in trouble. Chris Hastings of The Adventures of Dr McNinja has found that he owes his webhost $1400 due to an unfortunate computing error, and he's relying on his beloved readers to help him out. If he can't make that payment by Friday, the website is shut down.

As I said: Dr. McNinja is one of my favourite webcomics, it's in the middle of a really interesting storyline and it doesn't deserve to end this way. Go directly to the site and you'll find a PayPal button in his blog-post on the subject. Every little bit helps.

Plus, because Chris is such a great guy, he's offered this great cast wallpaper as an incentive - FREE.

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From the comments on recent posts about Chris Hastings' run on Deadpool, I suspect there are quite a few Dr. McNinja fans here at s_d. I haven't seen many Dr. McNinja posts, though, so I thought I'd help rectify that!

Dr. McNinja got picked up by Dark Horse recently, so now's as good a time as any to highlight the series' many joys. But rather than go blow by blow through the "best of" moments, I figured I'd give some love to my favorite character, Dark Smoke Puncher.

Sean McNinja, aka Dark Smoke Puncher, aka DSP )

So yeah. In a cast of outlandish and colorful characters, all of whom I find likable, DSP still manages to stand out and remain the clear favorite. Dr. McNinja is a must-read for me even without him, but his presence certainly doesn't hurt matters XD.
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Greetings True Believers!

The Nine Realms are shaking from the effects of Fear Itself and what is the Merc with a Mouth doing during these earth-shattering events?

Why, trying to make money off it!

During the Quest for More Money (nerd points if you can ID the quote) he meets his biggest fan!


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