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"I knew those characters would pose a great threat to the JLA Detroit characters. I loved the fact that our heroes weren't going to be fighting villains, they'd be fighting heroes who were thrown into a desperate situation just like they had." - Fabian Nicieza

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Joe Kelly's run on the JLA after Morrison's and Waid's runs on the title was the last great run on it, but it was extremely divisive amongst fans. Kelly introduced new characters, one which was a pretty blatant Mary Sue, had these really huge ideas that didn't necessarily appeal to everyone and did try some rather unorthodoxic approach to some of the characters. Still, I'm a huge fan of his run as it did have that League of Gods feel to it and just had the Big 7 be the utter badasses they so much are. I'm actually tempted to post the Wally scene from his last arc where we see Wally really show what being the Flash is all about.

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Often forgotten, but never by the true believers, I give you the delectable backside of one Johnny Gallo, Ricochet of the Slingers, and Loners (god I loved that series, save for the final issue :\ )

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Okay, because someone mentioned in my earlier post that Ricochet (of the Slingers) is currently not having much fun in his chosen profession, six pages (out of roughly forty) from Richochet's Slingers #1 (there were four variants of that issue, one for each character, with their POV on the events in that issue).

Scans not mine. Joseph Harris wrote it, ChrisCross pencilled it and it has Richochet (Johnny Gallo) and Hornet (Eddie McDonough).


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