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Having gone to my LCS today to pick up a few books I decided to give a flip through of the newest Green Lantern issue. I was very happy to see my favorite bibliophile return.

Some interesting story bits happened this issue but really, I picked it up for her so here's some of her.

She loves her stories! )

Movie Night

Feb. 9th, 2011 10:04 pm
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Today's posting from Batman and Robin #20 sparked a memory from way back in 2009  and a similar scene. I checked back in tags but sadly the images no longer work, so here I have for your reposting pleasure:

3 pages from Nightwing 151 )
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As per the lazyreader's request (how do I put a person's name as a link anyway) for some 80's and 90's events I bring you all the first part of the Bloodlines event that ran in 1993.

For those completely unacquainted with the event it basically was a series that ran in every DC annual at the time and introduced one or more new characters in each story these members were called the New Bloods. After running in each annual the series concluded in a two part mini in Bloodbath.

But I'll explain a little more in depth in the issue itself so as to not give away the entire idea of the event and these new characters.

Here in Lobo's annual we meet purple haired spaceship Captain Toronga Layla.

18 pages plus the cover from an over sized 56 page story.

It came from outer space! )

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Two more pages from GL #48 (so unless I've missed something that'll be 7 of  the 7 and 1/3 allowable pages)

Here's some more Atrocitus! )Here's a silly question, anyone up for posting stuff today or tomorrow in regards to Thanksgiving, particularly bird related characters? IE Angel, the Shi'ar, or even other bird named characters IE Raven, Robin, Flamebird as a kind of bird day event?


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