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The fun part of this book was that I originally had developed some of the pitch as a mini-series around Crusher. Just around the time I was getting ready to pitch it to Marvel, editor Wil Moss came to me and said that since I have a background in science fiction and fantasy he was thinking about me for “Black Bolt.” I said, “It’s funny, because I have this back pocket pitch that I was going to send you.”

Then when we bounced these things off of each other they just immediately meshed. That’s where this story came from. So Crusher predates Black Bolt as far as Marvel characters I’ve wanted to write about. He’s a hero to me, even if he’s a villain.
-Saladin Ahmed

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"This isn't just disagreeing on an issue - this is a serious philosophical schism that has a serious chance of destroying their ability to work together. Up until now we've had five very strong, powerful personalities in a room together without a serious argument - what happens when there is one and suddenly these five, who aren't used to backing down or admitting they're in the wrong, are crossing each others' red lines?" -- Al Ewing

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"The big challenge is to make [Galactus] the point of view character while keeping his otherness." -- Al Ewing

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Artist Christian Ward posted the first five pages of the prologue for Image's new title ODY-C, which is written by Matt Fraction...

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So the adventures of Mark in the multiverse continue. Things happen, good things, bad things, VERY BAD NSFW things that will surely p.o. a few readers, but I on this point, I will focus on this one big reveal. I'll skip the philosophical pages and get to the point.

We who deal with the ideas of a multiverse should be well acquainted with some of the concepts, but for those of you not yet attuned to the mind expanding concepts or leaps of logic, get ready to have your mind blown.

4 pages, per the rule, behind the cut.

And for those of you who HAVE read it and have a better grasp of the concepts being tossed around, feel free to correct this humble one and my paraphrasing.

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I said in the last post that I'd bring some Infinite Vacation to the world and so I shall. It's quite sad though.

For those of you not in the know, the Infinite Vacation is a pathway to other versions of you, as long as you have the money to visit them. You can use it to see "What would my life be like if I'd passed the bar exam?" or "I wonder how I'd be different if I was a professional surfer?" and either take over those lives for a vacation, or pal around with your alternate self.

The book's got a really cool visual style - there won't be too many other books on the stands just now that look like this. It's almost like a watercolour book with quite a vibrant and rich colour palette.

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That's 1 page from #2 and 2 from #2.

Tell your store that you want it on your pull list
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Comic Book Resources has the preview for one of the best sci-fi stories currently running in comics (English language).

If there is a multiverse/braynes beyond this existence for us, then tapping that may lead to situations like this.

*warning* possibly NSFW.

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