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Batman: Tenses is not one of those comics that anyone - even the ones into all the really obscure Batman stories - likes to discuss. And for good reason.

This story is ugly in every sense of the word, with Cully Hamner's art being perhaps the only saving grace. One of my buddies over on tumblr flat-out called it "the worst Batman story I've ever read", and I'm tempted to agree. The entire thing is misanthropic, violent, and pessimistic in all the worst possible ways. Frank Miller wishes he could write a Batman like this - ironic, given that this is apparently supposed to be a follow-up to Year One. And tellingly, both Alfred and Jim Gordon are absent during the whole thing.

But don't take my word for it. Let's see what this story's take on Bruce Wayne does upon his return to Gotham!

Behind the cut: a Bruce Wayne like you've never seen before! )
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Preview of James Robinson's new miniseries starring... The Shade, is up at Newsarama

Two snark filled pages under the cut... )

Oh, and following on from discussion earlier in the week about Nightwing as a character in "Arkham City", here is the first clip of gameplay of Robin from the game, also from Newsarama

Violent little fellow, isn't he? (Though I like the Animated Series skin)
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When it came to choosing a favourite friendship I thought this would be harder that it actually was. There are so many beautiful friendships in the comics I read: the  Birds; Tim and Kon; Steph and Cass; Bruce and Clark; Dick and Tim; Steve and Tony; The Young Avengers... but when it came to me it was really kind of obvious what my favourite friendships is right now.

You always drive this fast? )
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A total of four pages from Blue Beetle III #7. I'd always known Jaime had a cool family, but this is where I really, seriously started wanting to be a Reyes.

So it's been a wild and woolly six issues previous to this for Jaime. He crash-landed naked in the desert only to be immediately attacked by Guy Gardner. His memory was scrambled, as seen in flashbacks to finding the scarab. He had to find clothes and dodge some shady characters called the Posse. He finally made it home in issue #3 only to discover that it's...One. Year. Later. dun dun dun His parents think he's on drugs, and when he armors up as proof of his wild story, Milagro flees screaming and Mom rejects him outright.

By #7, though, things have quieted down enough for the fam to go to the desert on a memory-jogging expedition.
KABOOOOMmm-chick-a-booooom. )

And that, my friends, is when I realized that the combined awesomeness of the Reyes clan plus honoraries could stand up to anything.


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