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This isn't the best scene between Matt Murdock and Karen Page, but it is an interesting one. Matt finds Karen after a long absence, which involved Typhoid Mary.

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From DAREDEVIL #300, written by D.G. Chichester with art by Lee Weeks. They also did the "final" issue of DAREDEVIL Vol. 1. This was one the first stories that covered Wilson Fisk's life before he became the Kingpin. A few others (all DD stories, I think) covered Fisk before his appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50, but not many.

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Long time passes. Spider-man goes cosmic, gets the recurring menace of Venom, and Mary Jane even meets Matt's crazy ex Typhoid Mary. He has many guest appearances.

Daredevil returns from his epic journey and ends Nocenti's epic run. He gets back together with Foggy Nelson and in a climactic battle, tricks Hydra into picking a fight with the Kingpin and puts Typhoid Mary into an insane asylum. Matt uses the memory of Vanessa Fisk to push Kingpin over the edge mentally. Read more... )

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
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In a comment further down the page, [personal profile] halialkers said: "The World War II era was not some era of moral perfection and justice where wars were fought with a purity unrivaled by all other eras."
This has been seen as a problem with Captain America, especially in issues of DAREDEVIL of all places. And an issue of PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL.

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Back again, with a double-up for missing an entry yesterday.

So, what do you get when you combine every thief/assassin character with every other thief/assassin character?

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Since it seems I can't post anything on this board without causing something of a "dust-up" in the replies, I thought I would post some pages from DAREDEVIL #327 and #329. It features Karen Page as an anti-porn crusader, fears about the new cyberspace and Captain America wondering about 1990's morality.

The guy buying "Playdude" is supposed to look like Tom DeFalco.

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MIDNIGHT SUNS UNLIMITED #4 is the final chapter of the "Seige of Darkness" crossover. A collection of supernatural characters are fighting Zarathos. Zarathos has killed and absorbed Danny Ketch/Ghost Rider. But Morbius has an idea of how to weaken Zarathos. Just not a very heroic one.

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