Silver Surfer #13: "Timeless"

"Read Surfer 13 lettering, cried & gave notes. Read the office's pass w/ notes & cried. Read the 2nd pass, cried. Am now dehydrated from a comic." - Dan Slott

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Silver Surfer #12: "Return to Euphoria"

"How far ahead do we plan things? There's dialogue in today's SILVER SURFER I knew we'd hit going all the way back to our very 1st issue." - Dan Slott

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SPIDER-MAN LEGACY: Martin Landau as Peter Parker?

Dan Slott: In Amazing Spider-Man we’re going to see The Daily Bugle and the Bugle cast come back in a big way. And, no, it is NOT about Peter becoming a photographer again. It’s a new twist. It’s something we haven’t seen in Amazing Spider-Man yet. After 55 years, that’s a pretty cool trick, right? And it’s a development I’ve been dying to get to for a long time!

The upcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #789 starts a BOLD NEW DIRECTION in the life of Peter Parker. Who looks like a very young Martin Landau.


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Amazing Spider-Man #29: "Rightful Ruler"

"I lost it when I got my first look at Ock's new costume. Dan Slott is doing incredible stuff with his AMAZING SPIDER-MAN tie-in." - Nick Spencer

"As a Jew who knows where [Secret Empire]'s going -- I can only reiterate that at its core it's about heroes rising up to fight fascism." - Dan Slott

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Silver Surfer #11: "Zero-Sum Game"

"When we first conceived the current Silver Surfer series, there were three big stories we wanted to do. Galactus (#8-10) was the first. Shalla Bal (v2 #1-4) was the second. The third starts in Silver Surfer #11..." - Tom Brevoort

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Silver Surfer #10: "Bound for Eternity"

"I honestly think [Mike Allred] was bitten by a radioactive Jack Kirby." -- Dan Slott

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