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Ah this issue. I knew I'd reach it sooner or later.

While I love Bloodlines and it's characters there's one that I'm not surprised never made a return appearance. The New Blood known simply as Jamm. I can't say I hate his story or powers themselves but how the character handled said powers and acted was certainly groan inducing not to mention his powers were also a bit too much.

17 pages from a 52 page story

Jamm. That is all. )
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Robin the happy Christmas Wonder says "If you want to read an S_D classic Christmas story, then click here for Tim and the Joker's magical Christmas together, but you might want to stick around and enjoy the rest of this post first!"

It's friendship, friendship, just a perfect blend ship! )

Holy anagrams Batman! )

Justice leaps down! )

Keep your enemies close and your friends closer... wait that's not right )

So, as always, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community. For the fun, the discussions, and even especially the arguments :) ), the shared obsessions (even especially the naughty ones), the hidden gems, the new light cast on the well known, and the glimpses of glorious comic art past and present, may I wish a very happy Christmas to you and your families (in whatever shape, size and form they come in) and here's to a great 2011!

And something to while away the quiet Christmas moments... )


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