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Remember what I said about G.I. Joe Special Missions having less Cobra and more serious plots? Forget it! This issue, written by regular artist Herbe Trimpe, is as close to the sunbow cartoon as the comic ever gets, also it's the only issue of the Marvel series to feature Crystal Ball and Hardball (as far as I know anyway).

--yeah you're not making it to the actual scans, buddy... nothing personal, you're not as bad as you're made out to be.

"The character, Snake Eyes, shall never be depicted or described as a fan of the New York Yankees."

--Content Guidelines for Kindle Worlds: G.I. Joe

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I don't know if I'd say that Storm is my favorite female character (mostly because I'm not sure I'd say I have "favorites" per se) but she's certainly up there. And since there were requests for Storm scans, I'm going to share some scans of her very earliest appearances, so you can know she was awesome from the very beginning. I'll also be interspersing it with other scans from the same issues that amuse me.

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Following on from Part 1 where we set the scene and saw the creation of the genetically modified beings known as "The Futurians", now we get a chance to see them in action

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Next up, more heroes, more bad guys all in the classic Cockrum style and appearance, and that's a GOOD thing!
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Graphic Novels, back in the mid 1980's, were a very new thing to America. Not having had the likes of Asterix, Lucky Luke or Tintin as a standard publication, they were used for some strange things, and some pretty awesome ones too, with the likes of the death of Captain Marvel (#1), the debut of the New Mutants (#5), ummm Dazzler: The Movie (#12)

Today we're looking at #9 in the series, the first appearance of Dave Cockrum's creator owned series, The Futurians.

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Mods, please delete this if it's not allowed, but I do feel this is relevant to the interests of the comm.

When I started reading comics, I avoided superhero comics because I was intimidated by their complex histories, but I promised myself that one day, I would read X-Men, because I love the movies.

Then I started reading Marvel superhero comics and I discovered that X-Men comics alone were an even greater undertaking, one I didn’t have the energy for. But X-Men: First Class the movie has revived that urge again, and I decided to go for it.

I have decided to start not at the very beginning, but at what we would now call the reboot, when Chris Claremont, Len Wein, and Dave Cockrum took over with Giant-Sized X-Men #1/X-Men #94 (though I may go back and read some of the earlier issues later.) And in the proud tradition of Tom vs. The DCU and Mark Reads, I’ll be blogging about these books issue by issue, and am also planning on reading the major spin-off series (New Mutants, Excalibur, X-Factor, Generation X, Adjectiveless, and Astonishing)

I've already done 4 issues, and invite you all to follow the rest. I'm reading all of X-Men so you don't have to!

For legality, let me show you a panel I looooooved from Uncanny X-Men #96, the latest issue I did.

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As promised, a single issue showcasing the many sides to Bruce Wayne/Batman.

Good art, shitty scans after the cut. 8 pgs out of 24

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I figured we're all familiar with the happy-go-lucky, exuberant side of Nightcrawler by now, so I thought I would provide a little contrast by taking a look at some of the character's darker hours - some of them rarely talked about, but absolutely crucial to his development.

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scans from issue one of the 1985 Nightcrawler mini-series, written and illustrated by the late Dave Cockrum:


Before diving in, feel free to look over greenygal's post on UXM 153 and this blog post about Bizarre Adventures 27, which are both background reading for this series. I could have sworn there was a Scans_Daily post for Bizarre Adventures 27, but I can't find it.

and with that, Sky Pirates! )

Should be about 1/3 of 23 pages, let me know if I need to trim some more.

I don't think this series is available in trade. I found my copies digging through back bins at a pretty big convention.

char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, char: lockheed, title: nightcrawler, creator: dave cockrum, char: shadowcat/kitty pryde, char: magik/illyana rasputin, theme: pirates

and if anyone else wants to join in with me, series: nightcrawler swashbuckler supreme
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In the local comic store, in the 50-cent bin, there were quite a few of Chris Claremont's SOVEREIGN SEVENs. There were many lovely bits in them, but this one in issue #23, has implications for a far more famous character...as we see that Clark's adoption might be only part of a Kent family tradition, as Rhian Douglas, also known as Cascade, visits Smallville.

Shall I note that the art is by the magnificent and much-missed Dave Cockrum?


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Oh that Clark Kent. He sure knows how to handle the ladies. 



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