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"As far as putting the Tsum Tsums alongside the regular heroes, the Marvel Universe has successfully incorporated toy lines into its history before. Plus there’s already a talking duck. The Tsum Tsums should be able to fit right in alongside all that craziness."

- Jacob Chabot

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"The story of Spider-Man is a person who, despite having a lot of problems he can barely manage, tries to be better because he knows he has to be. He’s our best self. It’s an indestructible concept, because it’s fundamentally honest." - Mike Costa

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"The entire core of the character is taking tragedy and fear and turning it into laughter and victory." - Mike Costa

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"As far as I’m concerned, I am writing the platonic ideal of super hero books here. If I can make each issue even half as fun as that concept sounds—and a fraction of the fun David makes it look—then I’ll be doing something really special." - Mike Costa

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"Super hero comics emerged from a proud tradition of relentless optimism, unbridled imagination and—the part most often forgotten today—deep and abiding joy. And there is no more powerful joy-delivery system in super hero comics than Spider-Man." - Mike Costa

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'He’s in a weird twilight zone where he’s too uncomplicated to have his own “Kraven’s Last Hunt” or “Death of Gwen Stacy,” but too big a name to have been included with the losers in the awesome SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN book. So I’ve decided to plant my flag here. For better or worse, I’m telling the ultimate Electro story.' - Mike Costa

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Due to a quirk of scheduling, the first comic to deal with the fallout from the last issue of Avengers vs. X-Men is X-Men: Legacy. It picks up after the Phoenix Five have come back to Earth and begun what a character refers to as "outlawing war": rogue states are dismantled and trouble spots are forcibly pacified.

One of those spots is the African country of Narobia. (I originally thought they'd misspelled Nairobi, or made up an African country out of whole cloth to avoid issues, but Narobia is apparently a pre-existing fictional state in the Marvel Universe, dating all the way back to Jack Kirby's Jungle Action books in 1977.) Cyclops swept through the place and forcibly disarmed a lot of the country's warring factions, but he missed some. The X-Men promptly dispatch Frenzy to bat clean-up.

In the spirit of fairness, I should offer a trigger warning for both child and spousal abuse.

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a mess

Feb. 22nd, 2012 04:36 pm
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~Previously, on Legacy: Everyone is stupid. Exodus shows up at the JGSHL accusing the faculty and Wolverine of leaving Utopia and thus endangering the species. BlahblahblahFIGHT. Rogue suggests Exodus should read their minds to understand the Schism. Exodus agrees and reads her and Wolverine. What he takes from them is that Cyclops is to blame by endangering Hope.

Decides to go to Utopia to kill him.

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Picked up the first issue of the All New, All Different Spider-Girl today and enjoyed the heck out of it. I'll try to get a preview of it up soon. In the meantime here's a cute page from Young Allies #6.

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Looks like someone's getting a new costume.

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Tags: series: Young Allies, creator: david baldeon, creator: sean mckeever, character: rikki barnes/nomad, character:anya corazon/arana, character: greg willis/gravity , character: angelica jones/firestar
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Some previews of the upcoming Nomad: Girl Without A World miniseries. I thought Rikki's brief appearance in Captain America #600 was interesting, and the art looks very good.

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