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Brian Michael Bendis is soon going to have the original Question, Vic Sage, appear in Action Comics. This is after many years of him being absent after Flashpoint (aside from the "cosmic" Question, a cosmic being with literally no name or face, and "Vic Sage," an in-name-only bureaucrat who almost took over for Amanda Waller). Nobody knows quite what this Post-Rebirth Question is going to be like, so I'd like to take the time to look at the first time the Question was reinvented: in 1987, when he got his own series written by Dennis O'Neil and drawn by Denys Cowan.

"What attracted me to the Question was that after working as an editor at DC for about six months after I’d left Marvel, someone–Dick?–suggested I get back to writing. Two characters were available, Captain Atom and The Question. I’m not comfortable working with demigod heroes–really SUPER guys–which the Captain certainly was. The Question, on the other hand, was very human in scale. To sweeten the gig, I was told I could do pretty much whatever I wanted with the series–in fact, Paul Levitz advised me to push the envelope and not try to be commercial."
-- Denny O'Neil

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I'd be really hard-pressed to remember my first comic, or the first comic that made an impression on me, for three reasons:

1) The 1980's were a looong time ago :p
2) Having lived in Brazil I had access to some local comics (Turma da Mônica) since my early childhood, and I am almost positive I learned to read from those books;
3) I have two equally strong contenders from American comics.

But let's put those three in the equation after the cut:

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There you are. Can't wait to read your testimonies :)
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I became a big fan of Richard Dragon after O'Neill used him as a sensei during his Question run in the mid-80's. It reached a point where it became my go-to handle whenever I need to register to something without using my true name, replacing the Riddler (huh, goes to show how old this account is).

So I decided to tackle his old comics, fully aware that they were pure kung-fu exploitation, and he wouldn't have the calm demeanor he shows in the Question run. To my surprise, they are quite passable, but issue #3 is a gem in itself, since it is illustrated by none other than Jack Kirby himself.

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And what a coincidence: 100 years of Kirby, 100th use of the Kirby tag!
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There was a Batman story where Bruce Wayne was injured and had to be replaced by a Batman in power armor.

Insert "No, the other one" joke here.

Some random Batman and KNIGHTFALL speculation after the cut.

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