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If you’ve ever had a deaf friend, you know that reading an email from a deaf person is no different from reading an email from any other person. That was a revelation for me and it changed my way of thinking about my deaf friends, many of whom I’d stupidly regarded as either less engaged or even less intelligent. They’re not. They’re informed, perceptive, brilliant. They are funny. My prejudice had been depriving them of much of their humanity. By allowing Jericho to speak mechanically, I’ve been able to explore the character in greater depth and have him emerge as a more rounded character capable of realizing a much greater potential. -- Christopher J. Priest

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I was minding my business, and Marie Javin from DC e-mailed me about Deathstroke. I went "Deathstroke?" It took me a minute but I had to go, "Isn't he that guy who fights the Teen Titans?" She goes, "Yeah." And I go, "He has his own book?" "For a long time now." I knew nothing. So I said, "Send me some of that and I'll look at it." I looked at The New 52 stuff and I looked at some stuff prior to and I got in contact with her and said, "I appreciate you thinking of me, but I can't write this."

And she said, "We're doing this 'Rebirth' thing, so if you were writing Deathstroke what would you do?" And I said that it would be interesting to me if I could do something introspective. Kind of "behind the mask," you know? Get inside his head a little and kind of treat him the way we treated Black Panther in a lot of ways, where people are speculating about his motives and what he's going to do, and he's always one step ahead of everybody.
-- Christopher J. Priest

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We would have put [Robin] on Defiance (Deathstroke’s Teen Titans) but I was told Damian is currently “overexposed.” It would have been a hoot, though, and just think of the fun everyone could have bashing me! -- Christopher J. Priest

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'I was at the writer’s conference that DC hosted last February and one of the nice things that came out of that was an encouragement to just “go for it.” They told us to go with our imaginations. So afterwards I was sitting at the airport, and I think Mr. Biscuits just sort of popped in. I could see him and what he’d look like immediately. He was this really tall figure wearing this sort of weird jazz suit from the 1920s. I’ve been watching an awful lot of Studio Ghibli movies with my kids and it almost feels like he belongs in a Miyazaki movie. I wanted a sense of an imaginary childhood friend come to life.' - Rob Williams

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Last issue of DEMON KNIGHTS ended with an army of dinosaurs attacking our seven medieval champions. Vandal Savage has an interesting reaction to the event. Here's four pages from this week's DEMON KNIGHTS 2...

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There has been speculation that the new character Mary in Green Arrow is going to be the girl in the Silhouette and that they're putting her in, instead of Mia. So here is 1 page from Green Arrow #4 and the picture of the Merry Men so we can judge for ourselves...

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