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Well, I can console myself that it's after midnight in the UK, but not in the US, so I'm claiming dual-citizenship to justify this.

Not that it needs justifying!

According to the man himself, THIS is the story that Paul Dini used to get the gig writing Detective Comics, which is pretty remarkable as Batman is in it for exactly four panels. The trimming has not been easy, but I think I have this down to about a third of the issue.

Detective 826 - Slay Ride! )
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As promised, this is the second mega-posting to celebrate the end of "Dude(s) in Distress Week", dealing with published images... (This is sort of a "Greatest Hits", as much of it has been posted before)

The history of the "Dude in Distress" in graphical literature is a long and noble one... there are probably medieval woodcuts showing that sort of thing, but as that slightly predates most of the usual area of scans_daily, we'll skip to something vaguely more recent... well, relatively speaking.

LOTS of scans under the cut, but I've used smallish thumbnails so as not to kill your broadband completely! Just stun it slightly...

Over a century of Dudes in Distress )
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[personal profile] shadowpsykie already posted four three pages of how Diana got here. Here's three one more pages showing how Diana gets the best of Nemesis.

As seen below, Original Flavor Diana is now a host for Nemesis. Clotho split off a fragment of Di, her innocent self, and created the Odyssey world to keep her safe and have her raised in the Amazon tradition despite the destruction of the island. As they fight, Nemesis!Di explains that she doesn't need nu!Diana to keep her foothold in the world, but to keep the world's hatred and murder flowing, she has to bring its greatest noblest warrior to heel. So she set about destroying everyone and everything nu!Diana loves, to crush her spirit and make her hate the modern world.

nu!Diana drops the little sketch of Wonder Woman her young friend gave her at Nemesis' feet, and explains that as she lived in the modern world she became part of it - its inhabitants are her brothers and sisters now. So, she's still a noble champion.

And that's where we piick things up here )

"It didn't work. It could never work...The soul of an amazon could never be bent to your brand of hate. I could NEVER be your champion," Diana says to the fading out of the Morrigan.

But she doesn't notice the Morrigan reappear behind her, and grab the big-ass sword. "In that case, Diana of Themiscyra...YOU CAN DIE!!!" dun dun DUNNNNN
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And following up on q99 's link to Wonder Woman #611, we have the last pages of this.... divergent existence... for Diana.

And we find out why it was so vital that Clotho hid a secondary-thread of Diana's life and fate within the main tapestry of Diana of Themyscira's life.

(with nods to Bluefall, too)

Let us see if the weapon we have tempered is stronger than the last. )
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The latest storyline in Wonder Woman is all about how the Morrigan, War Goddesses once three in number but now two, are trying to reshape Diana to replace their third.

In Wonder Woman #611, we get a vision of what Diana will be like if they succeed.

The Dark Goddess Diana )
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This is a big one. Grab a snack.

I've been putting off reviewing Batman: Face the Face for five years now. Every time I started, my criticisms melted down into curses and incoherent ranting, until my computer screen became obscured by rabid spittle. Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but still.

In some ways, it's actually an ideal introductory trade paperback to get into Batman. Like Hush, it's a murder mystery that also serves as a tour of Gotham's inhabitants, and it was immediately followed by Grant Morrison and Paul Dini's runs. Unfortunately, it's also deeply frustrating, especially if you're a fan of Harvey Dent.

This was the first story to use the character in the three years since Hush, since Loeb supposedly had plans for Harvey hich kept him in limbo until those plans would reach fruition. They never did, and I think folks at DC wanted their precious status quo back in place. I also understand that Two-Face is Dan DiDio's favorite villain, which may have been a factor. In any case, Face the Face is one of the most significant Two-Face stories in canon, and also one of the most painfully frustrating. After five years, I finally have the words to explain just why.

The lost year of Gotham's Unknown Protector, Harvey Dent )

Batman: Face the Face can be purchased here if you wish to read the story in full, including the Tim Drake subplot, several other Rogues doing their Rogue things, and the entire issue dedicated to Harvey and Two-Face's discussion. As mentioned above, it also serves as a gateway to the comics which are coming out today, leading directly to Dini's Detective Comics and Morrison's Batman.
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*Note: not my scans*

Per funbox's request, the time when Batman fell to someone else's clever deception and imitation.

*mods*, 8 of a 26 story, 1/3 rule.

Trust, part 2: Misdirection. )
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The ComicBookResources has the preview of Wonder woman #24... the penultimate chapter of this alternative/contemporary retconned Diana.

(I know, it's already on the shelves at some stores).

And for bonus points, an action snapshot, too.

I was what?  )
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Nightwing 153 was the last issue of the Nightwing monthly series, and a lot of it was spent wrapping up the most recent chapter of Dick's life and sending him back into Gotham City to whatever the next step of his life would be.

I've wanted a page of this issue, and one in particular always appealed to me. This post is to explain why...

This is back when everyone believed Bruce was dead, remember that 10 minutes? )


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