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"That's the only moment of chance in all of Bruce's formation beyond his parents being killed. You know? Everything else is his deliberate training. It's the one thing that comes in and is circumstantial and prophetic, and like an omen. So it's the one thing you could dig at and say - the one thing you risk kind of just taking a sign from the universe. What if the universe is tricking you the whole time?" - Scott Snyder

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Writers: Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artists: Doug Mahnke, Patrick Gleason, and Jorge Jimenez

And now, a highlight of the past three Superman comics!

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Cowards die a thousand times, but the valiant taste of death but once...except in comics, where you get resurrected into (hopefully) better things. Screw you, Shakespeare.

Anyway, here's Maxima's death from the Superman event, "Our Worlds At War" - written by Mark Schultz, and drawn by Doug Mahnke. More after the cut!

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He was called for by three brothers working in real estate.

He met them at a construction site on the Arcadian waterfront; the eldest, who'd employed him before, paid him his $25,000 in advance.

The middle, who hadn't, objected to that..

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"I was reading the early Spider-Man stuff when I was researching my book, and remember how Stan Lee used to talk the readers? He would say ‘you may hate long-underwear characters, but our Spidey’s a little bit different.' The comic was actually having a conversation, and I thought ‘what if he used hypnotic induction?’" -- Grant Morrison, on the thinking behind Ultra Comics

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