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It began in the year 2520.

It then jumped back five hundred years, to King Turok of the Lost Valley.

He stood, a troubled protector.

To his brother Andar, he spoke again of his dreams.

" I dreamt of a great death, taking root in my valley and spreading throughout the world.

" A roaring shadow.. "

It was not an appropriate dream for the occasion. )

Weavers #2

Aug. 12th, 2016 03:12 pm
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'Super-heroes work gorgeously and entertainingly when kept in, y'know, super-hero universes. Recognisable but distinct, like I said (and yes, “the ancient past” does count). Start trying to impose the archetype upon our own inconveniently complicated, paranoid, connected and irrational world and there are really only two outcomes: one is that you wind-up telling grimhook de-constructivist stories about how kinky, simplistic, silly, impractical, tyrannical or venal the whole notion is. The alternative is that you start teaching a generation of young comicbook readers that we really do (or, worse, should) live in a tidy world where everything can be reduced to good-versus-bad. ... With Weavers I wanted to do something that changed the emphasis away from that tiresome old tension between exaggerated fiction and grim reality (“two tropes enter, one trope leaves”).' -- Si Spurrier

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Weavers #1

Aug. 8th, 2016 04:23 pm
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'Weavers is me blowing psychedelic raspberries at a particular sort of crime story, and a particular sort of super-hero story. The sort, in either camp, which takes itself way too seriously. Said raspberries are delivered by liberally infusing that suit-wearing, power-having, pistol-waggling, crime-fighting, shallow-grave-digging mixture with my present aesthetic of choice, which is probably best described as “Lovecraft-meets-Del-Toro-with-added-smirking”.' -- Si Spurrier

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