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Before Archie Comics got its current name, it was known as MLJ Comics. Like most other comic book publishers, it published a large number of superhero titles. The company can claim credit for several superhero comics "firsts" - the first patriotic hero, the first time a superhero died in action and the first crossover storyline ever.

Part 1 - TNC 05 - Header

"But wait," you may be wondering. "Wasn't Human Torch/Namor fight from Marvel Mystery Comics #8-9 the first crossover?" And you would be close - but you would be wrong. The Human Torch/Namor crossover began in June 1940. This crossover began one month earlier. And while the Human Torch/Namor crossover took place over the course of two months, this storyline took four.

And, since the whole thing is in public domain, I can post the crossover in its entirety.

Since most people reading this have no idea who the characters involved are, here is a quick primer:

A relatively quick primer )

The following story originally appeared in Top-Notch Comics #5. Writing by Will Harr, art by Edd Ashe.

The first comics crossover ever starts out with a bang - literally (11 pages under the cut) )

Will the Wizard and the Shield be able to stop the Mosconians master plan? And what about the West Pointer and the Midshipman? Find out in the next installment of the MOSCONIAN INVASION.

And, as a bonus - the ad for the crossover )


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