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char: flamebird/thara ak-var
char: nightwing/lor-zod/chris kent
creator: greg rucka
creator: eric trautmann
publisher: dc comics
title: action comics
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DC has a downloadable preview of The Shield #5 up, here:

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group: great ten, title: the shield, creator: eric trautmann, creator: marco rudy, publisher: dc comics
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Continuing off of my previous Shield post...

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Searching for soldiers who have gone mysteriously missing in the fictional country Bialya (not Afghanistan; there seemed to be some confusion over that in my previous entry), the Shield's trail leads him to an abandoned H.I.V.E. base under the control of Gorilla Grodd.

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Some more Shield...

Can I just say how impressed I've been with the art by Marco Rudy in this series? I've never heard of the guy before, but if he doesn't become a big name within a few years, I'll eat my hat.

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