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"I know that Mark and JG Jones (artist of 'Wanted') are Dragon buffs, and having been a guy who's read 'Wanted' on my end and knowing the two of them, it just occurred to somebody at some point that 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if these characters came over?'"

- Erik Larsen

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Alan Moore's final issue of Supreme ended on a cliffhanger, with an army of Darius Daxes attacking the Citadel Supreme.

With issue #64, Erik Larsen takes over writing duties, taking the book in a new direction...

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4 pages from Supreme #1, from the latest relaunch of Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios.

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Cosmic Book News has the rather explicit preview up to Image Comics' "Hack Slash #1." I suppose it's nothing worse than a string bikini? lol.

I might have to check this out.

One pic after the cut - and its a good one!

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The relationship of Spider-man and Daredevil has just undergone a character changing moment (The Death of Jean DeWolff). It was immediately followed by a character defining arc for Daredevil (Born Again). Before, he was the older brother, the one who knew better. He started his career out of vengeance, but continues it for love. He was the preachy one who thought heroes ought to be serious. He believed in JUSTICE--and he knew that sometimes you had to take the long view and make the hard choices to get it.

Now, "crazy" has been added to Daredevil's character attributes. Along with a deeper connection to religion and a specific territory that he considered his. With the highwater mark for the title being essentially "Daredevil's crappy life", Matt Murdock's life would get bad enough that occasionally even Spider-man was impressed at it's depths.

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I found myself thinking of this old comic (oh, good god, this was eighteen years ago) for no good reason earlier today, and went ahead and dug it up.

As far as I know this is one of the first comics to be both written and drawn by Erik Larsen. "The Mutant Factor" appeared in the adjectiveless Spider-Man book, which at the time was a showcase for Todd McFarlane. Larsen's story was a fill-in between arcs for McFarlane; he'd go on to do a six-issue Sinister Six story that features guest appearances from pretty much every character Larsen's ever liked.

The set-up's pretty simple. Peter and Mary Jane are talking about whether or not they should have kids, but Peter's a bit concerned about the potential risks. After all, Sue Richards nearly died every time she's gotten pregnant. With that in mind, Peter goes to ask Hank McCoy for more information.

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