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One of many great moments from Late Night with David Letterman was a Howard Stern appearance where he was making OJ Simpson jokes and Dave wasn’t laughing. Stern called Dave out on it and Dave replied, “Well, double homicides don’t crack me up the way they used to.” Comedic, over-the-top violence doesn’t crack me up at all. I think it’s terrible. Violence is awful. Killing is terrible and has real consequences. This book is about those consequences. -- Christopher J. Priest

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This is the general problem with giving a villain his own book: you have to rationalize why he’s walking around or, more to the point, why all the heroes aren’t hunting him down day and night. If you can’t do that, the party’s over. It’s possible that I am over-rationalizing, and that perhaps I’ve just outgrown (wow, that’s condescending) this superhero stuff. But I prefer the logic to work and for the world to be as real as we can possibly make it. That way, when Superman takes flight, it’s just awesome because the fantastic elements “pop” against the “reality.” -- Christopher J. Priest

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I’ve never really been that great at writing villains, so I’m hoping to change that with Deathstroke. It’s a really interesting challenge for me to go, first, “Why would someone decide to be a villain?” Like, the bat flew through the window and inspired Batman. What’s the bat-through-the-window moment for Deathstroke? -- Christopher J. Priest

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My Deathstroke is much more laconic and is not at all pompous as he has been portrayed. This portrayal is based largely on my observation of Tough Guys. A guy who gets in your face and threatens and snarls and tells you he’s gonna kick your ass really isn’t all that tough. Real badasses don’t need the preamble; a guy who’s really going to hurt you just walks up and hits you. -- Christopher J. Priest

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Well, that won't do. Have two pages under here.

Long story short: Batgirl is going to war full-out against Knightfall. Naturally, she calls in the Canary for a war council.

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[personal profile] sherkahn has the preview of a bad situation getting worse.

And yes, the imagery has context.

Oh yeah, some spoilers.
2 behind the cut (view the preview for filler content).
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