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Been a while since we had one of these.

In 1952, Frank Frazetta spent a year as the artist of Johnny Comet, a driver of midget race cars. When I saw this panel in a collection of the strip, I immediately thought of you folks.

Remember, this was in a family newspaper in the 1950s!

Also, please check out my blog, SKJAM! Reviews as some of the posts are relevant to this community's interests.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Long before Frank Frazetta became the legendary illustrator, he was just another cartoonist for hire in the Golden Age of comics. This is strip he did for Thrilling Comics #68 from the publisher Nedor (the guys most noted for the Black Terror.)

Nedor was hardly an innovator, and the series Louie Lazybones was a rather obvious rip-off of the highly popular 'Lil Abner newspaper strip. But even here we see some of the artistic trademarks of Frazetta's later work.

Thet's the big tuhmater I've ever seen! )
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In honor of the late great Frank Frazetta, here's a couple of pages (2 of 6) of one of his "Shining Knight" stories. This was a reprint in "Adventure Comics" #417 (March 1972) but originally appeared in Adventure Comics #161 (February 1951).

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Greetings True Believers.

In honor and respect of the great man's passing, I thought I'd post some images from the tribute mini of the Death Dealer. Those scans are spread out over six issues.

Crom bless you, Mr. Frazetta.

Suggested tags: char: death dealer, publisher: image comics, creator: frank frazetta, creator: nat jones, creator: jay fotos, creator: joshua ortega, creator: jerry beck, creator: tim vigil, creator: rob osborne

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Just a short entry to let you know that legendary illustrator and comic artist Frank Frazetta passed away today. His comic credits included various EC Comics series, Shining Knight, Vampirella and even Little Annie Fanny.

For me personally, his absolute mastery of human anatomy is a major inspiration. As he tells the story, an illustrator he was working for when he was young lent him an anatomy book. In one night he copied every single illustration out of it and gave it back the next day, saying "Thank you very much, I've learned my anatomy." But of course it didn't end there, and for the rest of his career he continually studied it and worked at it. It's that sort of dedication I admire absolutely.

For legality, here's one of his iconic Vampirella covers.

vampity vamp )
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This public service page first appeared in BUSTER CRABBE# 1 from 1951, and was reprinted in DARDEVIL COMICS, CRIME DOES NOT PAY, BLACK DIAMOND WESTERN and MURDER TALES (now THERE's a title that doesn't beat around the bush over what the comic is about). It's typically great Frazetta art; check out the postures and body language, and the faces in the top right (which are just haggard enough). I suppose if it were done today, it might be about crack, showing a teenage girl wearing a short skirt getting in a car with some leering old men. ("She had become ADDICTED TO DOPE and had to SELL HER BODY to get some more dope for HERSELF") but here it's just a bit vaguer. (As an aside, I do get a vague nostalgic twinge whenever I see a PSA in old comics and magazines which suggest that someone with a problem "discuss it with their clergyman". That attitude seems to have been destroyed by scandal after scandal, just as horror movies seldom show a priest with strong faith that can fight the forces of darkness.)


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