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Every now and again you find a comic, magazine or book you'd just love to be able to scan the entirety of, because it's just that good/bad/stuffed full of crack.

Such a book is the "Eagle Annual: The Best of the 1950's Comic" I found in a remaindered bookstore. It's magnificent in it's own special way. Like a comic book infused with an episode of Blue Peter...

The masterful artistry of Frank Hampson, the creator of Dan Dare, deserves a number of posts all of it's own, and someday I'd love to do that, but I think we need some lulz at the moment, so I'm unapologetically going for the crack here.

As you read these, bear in mind that these are all from the 1950's; WWII was a VERY recent experience for everyone, a time before sexual equality as anything more than the butt of jokes, racism was perhaps too endemic to actually HAVE a name, and the British class system was in full effect. Every page can be read in the clipped Received Pronunciation you've possibly heard in old radio and TV recordings. That's not to justify or excuse anything contained herein, but just to provide some context.

Much like the BBC, The Eagle aimed to "Entertain, Educate and Inform" it's readers, so whilst you for the likes of Dan Dare, PC 49 and other strips, there were plenty more material intended to keep

So we start with a sample of good clean wholesome fun, featuring Dan Dare and his chums, and perhaps the world's most inappropriately named sidekick

Shower room frolics! )

And never let it be said that the Eagle's Special Investigators weren't prepared to go that extra mile for their magazine!

I become a Knife-throwers Assistant )

Colditz and... camels? )

Christmas message and Career choices! )

Mechanics is FUN! )

Short, to the point and practically incomprehensible )

Forget Hostess Cupcakes )

More career options! )

Seld Defence )

Cowboys and Curious Creatures )


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