Hulk #25

May. 30th, 2016 09:53 pm
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"For most readers over the decades, “Thunderbolt” Ross has been the preeminent figure representing the military, and always holding that military role in opposition to super-powered people. But from years of being so close to the fire in essence, he’s been burned–he’s become the thing he fought for so long. And he completely did it to himself, he can’t blame anyone else. It leaves him in a very interesting place for a character.

He’s reached the end of one life and is beginning another, and though we may resent him for a lot of reasons, we can empathize with him at the same time. And he was never evil, just wrong headed. Seeing the world through the eyes of being a Hulk is a big transformation beyond being able to punch through a mountain. I think readers will see some of their friends and family and even themselves in Ross.
" - Jeff Parker

Writer: Jeff Parker
Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser

We'll get back Loeb's run later, but here's what came after it and I think we'll all agree, this is sooo much better.

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The galaxy far, far away passed from republic to federation to empire to empire to empire to federation again.

The Force's use fell between those who avoided the dark in authority and those who embraced it in subversion.

Things didn't change, as well- politics still guided wholes, leaving their parts to step in and around them.

The Federation's need to prove itself led them to pursue the apparent murderer of one of their Knights.

On a scoured planet, a dogged hunter caught the suspect named Solo.

She caught her and bound her. )
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On the one side, you've got the Red Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross: formerly a four-star general in the Air Force hunting the Hulk, currently a dead man turned Rulk being hunted.

On the other, the technomorphic transhuman Zero/One, Dr. Parul Kurinji: once working for the shady super-scientific Omnisapient Systems, now for the future's betterment.

They're a natural protagonist/antagonist pair, opposites that they are; one's raw power and just-in-time tactics, the other's refactored intelligence and long-term strategies. Until this month's Hulk #40, they hadn't yet had a direct confrontation, Zero/One only sending her attack augment Black Fog time and again in bids to eliminate him.

But then, last month, the crimson crusher's latest bête noire Omegex the world-ender BRAMMM'd him right into Bar Harbor, Maine. )
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In terms of the Red Hulk, you've no doubt already figured out the answer.

Parker's Hulk run certainly has, its Scorched Earth arc having Rulk take it on the chin from Iron Man, Thor, and Namor. It's also realized that if you want to make a character viable beyond the events of his creation (despite Incredible's upcoming conclusion, Hulk promises to be predominantly "all red" for a while yet.. Rulk and Red She-Hulk? Definitely a familial connection..), you've got to draw him away from it.

To that end, it's been cranking out all-new antagonists since March, four deathly deadly terrors with their own reasons to see Rulk dead: the living weapon Omegex, the vengeful soldier Fortean, the creative mastermind Zero/One, and the haunting Hyderabadian spectre known as the Black Fog.

It's wrapped up those acts of creation with this month's #33, to take Rulk off to space; if future solicits are any indication, it won't be coming back to them for a few months at the least. Still, Parker's done a nice job dropping a few new toys into the box, and I'm eagerly anticipating his picking them up again.

(A note: These're pages from Hulk #30.1-33, none of which exceed the 7/21 split; only 4 from this week's #33 are below, for those who need to know that sort of thing.)

Partly because he's also been fairly deft at their construction.. )
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So now everything but the Thunderbolts tie-in's over for Hulk's Scorched Earth, leaving us with the fallout of the Intelligentsia's machinations; Doom's brain damage, a spider legged MODOK, and the Red Hulk.

The last of whom's been establishing his presence in the larger MU, riding along with the Avengers and unwillingly killing Araña's dad. He even seems to be getting Hulk to himself for the next few, while Bruce rages against the gods in Incredible Hulks.. now's the perfect time to give him his own enemies, foes outside himself.

People who he can punch in the face such that we're rooting for him, at least. )
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Since we had a look at Incredible Hulks #112 earlier, why not Hulk #25 with the new creative team of Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman via CosmicBookNews!

Can they pull Rulk off?

Hate it or love it, Loeb and McGuinness' Rulk was entertaining!

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This is 2 pages from Agents of Atlas: Dark Reign #7. In the previous issue, Namora and Namor decide to get married.

But before going through with it*, Namora feels she needs to settle something with Jimmy. I like his response because it shows he understands something important. )

* ETA: for various plot-related reasons, they don't actually get married...and seem rather unlikely to do so very soon in the future too, IMHO.
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Four scans from Agents of Atlas #11, the end of an arc and the series proper, as it transitions into an extended relaunch cycle.

Tags:  char: venus, char: jimmy woo, char: jade claw/suwan, char: temugin, creator: jeff parker, creator: gabriel hardman, title: agents of atlas, publisher: marvel comics, group: agents of atlas


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