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We started getting all these letters in saying how brave I'd been, and I thought, "What, knocking off Doc Savage? That's brave?" Then I realized that it was because we had presented Tom Strong and his marriage to a black woman. They have a mixed race child. Which I genuinely hadn't thought about! I mean, Tom Strong came out in the year 2000. That was the first mixed race marriage and almost the first mixed race relationship, certainly the first long-term mixed race relationship, that had ever appeared in an American comic book. In the year 2000. That's extraordinary. So, all right, it may not have had many adult themes, but at least on that instance, in terms of mixed racial awareness, I would say that it was probably being a bit more adult than most of the other comics that were being published around that time. -- Alan Moore

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Final Thoughts?

Alan Moore: Yes: cherish the astonishing and unlikely world that we all exist in; try to live with love and without fear; and anybody who has anything to do with any of these shitty Watchmen travesties, even as a member of the audience, will be dragged screaming to hell by their nipples. Peace out.

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