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One page of an eight-page back-up story from Gotham Knights 13.

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Writer: Harlan Ellison
Artist: Gene Ha
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Four pages from FABLES #123 ("The Destiny Game, Part Two of Two") plus two pages from Part One for context...

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Four pages from FABLES #122, "The Destiny Game, Part One of Two." Gene Ha guest-pencils.

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This is from the America's Best Comics Top 10 prequel, The Forty-Niners by Alan Moore and Gene Ha. The story concerns the early days of Neopolis, the superhero-only city that was founded after World War II. One of the major subplots involves Steve Trainor, the young aviation hero known as Jetlad (think Airboy) and his growing awareness that he's attracted to Wulf of the Skysharks (think Hendrickson of the Blackhawks). This scene takes place at the end of the story, after Steve has helped save the city from Sharkey, the PTSD-afflicted former head of the Skysharks who had attempted a military takeover of the city.

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Saw this cover for "The Widening Gyre #3"  up on e-Bay for sale by Gene Ha himself, and it's already way beyond my budget, but it is rather lovely, and nice of the artist to show us the inbetween takes.

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In the post below by [ profile] zechs27, someone asked for the Shade and Charles Dickens. And I thought Cry For Justice is also a good opportunity to post scans of another friendly meeting of Jay Garrick and the Shade.

Shade's origin (well almost) )
Shade and Charles Dickens )
Shade and Jay Garrick )
And the Shade and Jack Knight )
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Top Ten #12 explains the deal.

This issue also contains a scene folks who are sick and tired of DC's holier-than-thou "killing is always wrong no matter what the circumstances" attitude will appreciate.


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