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When last we left Megatron he had captured Dr. Biggles-Jones, and Cobra Commander had been left with a fraction of the promised Cybertronian tech, but a fraction that could still be dangerous in his hands.

5 1/3 out of the 16 page main story 2 1/3 of the 7 page backup )

Missing Tags: Creator: Manny Galan, Creator: Andrew Wildman
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For[personal profile] greenmask, some more from the UK Zoids comic... well, not the comic per se. The ongoing nature of the stories and the short length make that a bear to trim. This one is courtesy of the Zoids annual from 1986.... Which makes this it's silver anniversary and I feel TERRIBLY old.

They don't transform, but DAMN they're cool! )
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Because I'm choosing to interpret "cosmic heroes" as "mechanoid bounty-hunters who were constructed to house the life-essences of extra-dimensional techno-mages and who fought a demi-gods who consumed the universe on the astral plane before being tossed through the time stream by mischievous Lords of Time."

Sounds pretty darn cosmic to me.

However, most of the time, he just wants the cash, yes?

9 scans from the 28 page What If? #56 beneath the cut.

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A few pages from issue #5 of the Marvel UK title Dragons Claws. Death's Head was just being repositioned as a solo star after initially being created for the UK Transformers comic and had a couple of guest slots on the way to the relaunch in his own American format title.

This is one of them - after The Doctor (yes, from Doctor Who, who became a semi-regular thorn in Death's Head side) dumped him in the year 8162, bounty hunter freelance peacekeeping agent Death's Head is employed by a rival gang to subdue the violent Jones Boys. Unfortunately, Dragon's Claws - a team of government enforcers - have also been sent to do the same job.

Why is this moment perfect? Because even when demonstrating epic badassery, the one and only thing Death's Head is interested in is his bottom line.

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