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Last ish of the rebooted Adventure Comics, following the travails of the Legion Academy's newest class. Four pages, in which the rookies find out just what it takes to even be considered for Legion membership.

When last we left our wannabees heroes, Legion Academy instructors Duplicate Girl, Night Girl and Bouncing Boy found Legion of Super-Villians charter member Cosmic King (analogue to Chemical King or Element Lad, not Cosmic Boy) invading the empty Legion HQ, and were soundly trounced. Rookies Comet Queen, Chemical Kid and Dragonwing caught the takedown and moved in for the rescue...

...and are soundly trounced themselves in the first three pages. )
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Picked up Adventure Comics #528 today, still following the adventures of the current crop of Legion Academy students and teachers. It's not a big blockbuster issue, just connective tissue wrapping up a little old business and bringing the Academy folks into the current big Legion of Super-Heroes/Legion of Super-Villains donnybrook. But I did find one or two nuggets of mild interest, and so am posting a cover preview and two panels here.

Graduation Day )

This is one of those jobbies with two sets of pencillers/inkers, which makes for a jarring transition about halfway through the ish. Of the two I think I prefer the first section, which according to the signature on the splash page was pencilled by Geraldo Borges.
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Because a few people in the Rise of Arsenal Wins Award thread said they hadn't read any/much of RoA, and because the link in the earlier post has lots of macro-manips talking about dead cats, I thought I should link to the scene being referenced. Coulda sworn it was posted here, but if so I couldn't find it through the tags. (If someone can find it, I'll gladly take this post down.)

So, here are 2 pages from Rise of Arsenal #3. Behold the gritty realism of its depiction of drug abuse!

Both cut from double-page spreads. I'll try to fill in the blanks. )

The issue ends with Roy strapped to a table to detox cold turkey, talking with Zombie!Lian, and slowly going totally bugfuck insane in the membrane.
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Here is the Preview at The Source

Poor Roy. )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/arsenal/roy harper, char: lian harper, creator: geraldo borges, creator: j.t. krul, publisher: dc comics
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Three more pages... )

title: rise of arsenal, creator: geraldo borges, creator: j.t. krul

What's with the title: justice league tag? That makes it sound like it's in the regular JLA series or something.


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