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Once again, it's time to check in on Akira Fuudo, Ryou Asuka and Miki Mikamura and...

See It all fall apart.

It is the End of Devilman )
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It's time once again to join Akira Fudo as he battles the legions of darkness as we once again raise hell with Devilman.

But here's where things start to get darker.  Devilman isn't a superhero comic--it's a tragedy.It Gets Real under the cut )


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Hey Kids, ready for some more Violence? How about some random nudity? 

I would say "Oddly timed sexual innuendo" but I was forced to cut the part where our hero makes a comment about the heroine's breasts getting bigger in front of her parents...

Whom he's been adopted by.

But if you want the first two, then have I got the series for you! It's the second volume of Devilman!

Edit: Stupid cut, hiding damn near half the story beneath a second cut...

I think I have it fixed now...
Stupid editing scewing up the cut... )
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Of all Go Nagai's works, this is the one he likes the best. This is when he was striving for more than just echii comedies or action. Devilman had a message. Devilman had character.

Devilman was no where near as popular as Mazinger Z and that annoyed him greatly. He wrote Mazinger Z to blow off steam.  Devilman was an artistic endeavor.

And it's still a Cracktastic affair.

But it's ending is the stuff of legends.

For Halloween, I think I'll post some, starting from the beginning. NSFW due to nudity. This post contains 61 images from Volume 1's 199 pages. I think that's about right for proportions.

So here we go! And remember, read Left to Right.

And god I hope the cut works...



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