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Apr. 12th, 2019 10:05 am
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"I’ve always been obsessed with haunted houses. I really wanted to do something that I felt was a little bit scary and something in a haunted house. I’ve always wanted to do a book on a haunted house. The visual’s always been in my head. And I also want to do a crime thing. So, I kept thinking about trying to find a way to mash up crime and haunted houses. Those Ocean’s Eleven movies energized me with this idea of like well what if I did something with Ocean’s Eleven and sort of with a haunted house. The hardest part was trying to find out what would they be stealing from the house, like why would you want to break into a haunted house. And then one day it just hit me, what are the things that haunted houses have that are exclusive, ghosts." -- Joshua Williamson

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"I’m doing a new horror book with Aftershock. It’ll start coming out next year. I can’t go into much detail yet, but it’s very much inspired by current events. I had the sense that it was time to say something about what’s been going on in the world, and what’s been happening in the last couple of years."

- Garth Ennis

Warning for Gore

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"The series opens with Special Agents Shaw and McGregor investigating the disappearance of two fellow agents in a Long Beach warehouse. But, Ennis tells Heat Vision, things aren’t as straightforward as they may seem. “They quickly realize that things in here are badly skewed, to the extent that they make no sense according to the normal laws of nature,” the writer teases. “Further, unpleasant echoes of the highly traumatic major case they finished some months earlier — under dubious circumstances — begin manifesting around them, including the appearance of people they know cannot possibly be present.” Before too long, it becomes obvious that what’s going on is far bigger than anyone imagined."


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"It’s been quite a while since I last did a horror book. Caliban was partly science fiction, so really the last flat-out horror story I started would have been Crossed in 2008. That came partly from my reaction to the Bush era, revolving as it did around themes of chaos and abandonment. A Walk Through Hell is more of a response to the current administration, involving corruption and wrongdoing, and the bubbling up of an evil long held in check. All in all, I decided it was time for another gaze into the dark."

- Garth Ennis

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"We’ll interact with heroes and villains new and old, and we’ll see members of Matt Murdock’s supporting cast from prior runs (people like Foggy Nelson, Kirsten McDuffie and more.) I’m working on a big Elektra story right now. The way Matt is with them won’t necessarily be the way you’re used to – but I don’t believe my job on Daredevil, or any book, is to give you what you’re used to. It’s to do my job." - Charles Soule

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