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'In one form or another, I've been writing and selling nonstop since I was 17. Never had writer's block. Never sat down at the keyboard without knowing what to write. So when I appear at conventions, I'm often asked how it is that I've been able to write as much as I have . . . Before you sit down at the keyboard, you get to know your characters so well, so intimately, that whatever situation you drop them into, you simply write down what they do. You let the characters do the work for you. Once you can do that consistently, writing becomes a joy, becomes effortless, becomes fun. Soon you're writing as fast as you can just to keep up with it all. You rush to the keyboard every day because you can't wait to see what your characters are going to do next.' - JMS in this issue's letter column

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'On a piece of white paper, you can be God - but it takes years of professionalism and dedication. You have to write every day, whether you like it or not. I write 12 hours a day, every day, besides my birthday, Christmas Day and New Years.' - JMS

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The main bad-guy behind the series is out of moves to play. Scorpius been regulated to a general, and cannot form any leverage against the Kkore, who are truly formidable in mind, body, spirits and unity. The deep-space alien Kkore have technology that cannot be matched, willing and powerful cannon fodder, detailed analysis and research on every vector of warcraft planning against their foes, and fleet numbers in the possible millions.

All seems lost. And yet...

Three behind the cut.

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We continue through the holiday times with a look at a few lonely Christmases, including an odd case of Lois and Clark each in separate stories, both working to defuse suicide attempts.

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2, DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3 )

Tomorrow: We've seen him learn about Hanukkah, now Kyle has to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the help of his buddy Connor, who doesn't even celebrate it! Also, his other buddy Wally has to learn a similar lesson when trying to find a gift for his wife!
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Okay guys! Here's my last Super Steph post! *sniff* It's been fun, and thanks a lot for the nice stuff said, and thanks you gave me. I'm also very happy to hear this (and/or my posts on the old s_d) turned some of you into Steph fans.

Any one who'd like to visit, I have a Steph Wiki. It's very thorough, with scans, art, interviews, news, issue summaries and profiles on Steph and her various allies and enemies. I'm proud of it, in a geeky fannish way. Though it's mostly me, I've had help from k9feline, scottyquick, stephsvoice and most recently, LevralMrX who is a Spoiler fan from France! Steph fans are taking over the world, people! Anyway, he sent me these Steph backup scans, which used to be on the most excellent site Even Robins (devoted to Jason, Steph and animated Tim) but the site appears to be deceased. :(

They're early Steph stories from Showcase and Batman Chronicles. Also, Steph beating up her baby daddy, getting comforted by Tim, and running off some gangsters but also getting knocked on her ass. It's hard to be a trainee vigilante.

Robin #80, Robin #107, Robin #40, Huntress/Spoiler, Batman Chronicles #22 and Showcase '95 #5.


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