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This was a really hard choice I was remembering how many great Else Worlds there where in the crop of annuals from '94, and I already posted my favourite What If to use for favourite male character... This one ranks a little bit lower for me but it's still a neat concept.

The Beyonder and Galactus kill each other and Reed Richards in the final battle of the Secret Wars leaving the heroes trapped on that strange world. 25 years later there is peace, and a new generation of super powered youngsters.

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I've been wondering if it was worth posting but after I came upon yet another cameo of Tomorrow Woman in a comic back issue I was reading it seemed like a good time to do so.

Five Tomorrow Woman con sketches! )

Suggested tags.

genre: commission
char: tomorrow woman/clara kendall
creator: Gregg Schigiel (the currently used tag is actually mis spelled)
creator: Adam Hughes
creator: Cliff Chiang

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Announced at Heroes Con 2009 X-Men Panel... not only the return of the X-Babies but some rather unexpected characters

X-Babies, an October-launching miniseries by Gregg Schiegel and Jacob Chabot that brings the X-Babies of the Mojoverse back to the forefront


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