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BATMAN #65 is part of a "Heroes in Crisis" tie-in called "The Price." Batman and the Flash investigate Gotham Girl. With the death (?) of Wally West at Sanctuary as a point of contention between them.


Argue with Batman during a Crisis. )
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Posting these because of a discussion earlier about awesome civilians in the DCU.

Let's get started )

4 2/3 pages of one 22-page comic, 2 1/3 pages of another.

Writer: Denny O'Neil
Artist: Guillem March
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"Some people will say they were censored, but that´s not exact. The new pages were not a toned down version of these, they were telling another story. [...] Maybe DC didn´t want to explore that storyline, so it´s not that obvious that the new pages were drawn just to remove the sexy content. It´d have been much more easy to censor these pages than having to redraw them all."
-Guillem March

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We've all seen this cover before, but Guillem March considered other possibilities to illustrate the superhuman romance between two of DC's biggest icons.

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The spectrum spreads from "suggestive", "subtle" and "implied" to "obvious", "upfront", "blatant" and "outright blatant".

And then there's this, which is somewhere in the metaphorical ultra-violet range...

A variant cover from Superman/Wonder Woman #3 )

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I didn't think it was possible for this book to get anymore problematic, but I stand corrected.

WARNING: for graphic eroticised violence.

4 pages speak for themselves )
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In this issue, we have:

1. Selina going back to making cat references.
2. Preferring to deal with the pains of childbirth over dislocating her shoulder.
3. Catwoman sucking hard at the 'being a criminal' lifestyle.
4. Aeka interpreting all of this as foreshadowing a future encounter with Selina Jr.

4 Pages worth of easter eggs that make Aeka smile :} )
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We learn a little bit more about Selina's past and are introduced to more people in her life. At best it appears as though the Frank Miller prostitute origin has been retconned out of continuity. So I guess one point for Winick?

4 pages out of 21, plus interview with Judd Winick and Guillem March )
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No violent anonymous shagging this time...(well maybe a bit of snogging), but there's still a WHOLE lot of violence, and I mean LOTS of it.

It's enough to say even Batman doesn't approve )


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