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Last time, on Mosconian Invasion:

Two of the greatest heroes in MLJ Comics, the Shield and the Wizard, joined forces the fight against the dastardly plans of the MOSCONIANS, the people so evil they manage to be both Nazis and the Communists. The valiant Wizard raced off to protect Annapolis and West Point, while the Shield went after the Mosconian spy ring in Washington D.C. The Wizard came back to the capital just in time to save his brother, the head of Naval Intelligence, but in their last act of cowardness, the Mosconians filled the building with cement. Will the Wizard and Grover be able to escape from the wreckage? Will the Shield be able to stop the Mosconians? Click on the cut and find out on this installment of the first crossover in comic book history - THE MOSCONIAN INVASION!

Part 1 -  PC04 - HeaderPart 1 -  PC04 - Header 2

The following story originally appeared in Pep Comics #4. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by Irv Novick

The Shield stops an enemy force from attacking Pearl Habor - in 1940 (11 pages behind the cut) )
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In the previous posts, we have seen Ah Ku, the fiendish Princess of Crime, smuggle Chinese immigrants, kidnap a wealthy heiress and sell opium. So what sort of scheme does she have up her sleeve this time?

Why, the most stereotypically Chinese femme fatale scheme yet.

Top-Notch Comics 09 - Bob Phantom - Header

The following story originally appeared in Top-Notch Comics #9. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by Bernard Klein.

In which Ah Ku steals from the Dragon Lady's wardrobe and Bob Phantom kills a few henchmen (6 pages under the cut) )

Tune in next time to see.... Actually, I am not sure what. I got so many things I want to share, and I am not sure where to start. So I would like to hear from you, fellow scan_daily members - which of the following would you like to see first:

* Further adventures of Toni Gay and Butch Dykeman.
* From Archie Comics - Ginger Snapp and the Adventures in Casual Dating
* A Cold War era Spy/Romance comic hybrid
* A 1940s romance comic story about an underaged girl who married a guy, discovered he wasn't good in bed and ran off to join the army... and that was just the first three pages.
* And, on the flip side of a coin, a romance comic which make most other romance comics look well-adjusted and female-friendly.

And... That should do it for now. Cast your vote (and your comments) below.
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In her last two appearances, Ah Ku, the fiendish Princess of Crime, smuggled illegal Chinese immigrants and kidnapped a socialite (only to... threaten her with dissection? It wasn't really clear.) What sort of evil plot does she have up her sleeve this time?

Why, opium trade, of course.

Never let it be said that Ah Ku wasn't versatile.

The following story was originally published in Top-Notch Comics #6. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by somebody who signed as "Gerry Thorp"

Historic irony rears its head and Bob Phantom tosses lots of bizzare one-liners (6 pages under the cut) )

Will Bob Phantom ever be able to capture Ah Ku? Will Ah Ku ever pull off a plot without tipping off Bob Phantom? (Honestly, it's almost as if she wants him to stop her). Find out next time, only on SCANS_DAILY!
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When we last saw Princess Ah Ku, she fell into the bottomless pit. But, as [personal profile] psychopathicus_rex rightfully pointed out, villains do this sort of thing all the time, and it rarely stops them from coming back. And, sure enough, our hero, the fearless Bob Phantom, finds himself facing off against Ah Ku in the very next issue. And this time, the Princess of Crime is after something else.

The following story as originally printed in Top-Notch Comics #5. Writing by Harry Shorten, art by somebody credited as "Gerry Thorpe"

You know, you could have avoided all this if you just listened to a gossip columnist (6 pages under the cut) )

Will Bob Phantom ever capture the fiendish Ah Ku? Will the Princess of Crime ever come up with a plan that doesn't involve overly elaborate death traps? Tune in next time, only at SCANS_DAILY!


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