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In Tomorrow Stories, Alan Moore and Hilary Barta introduced another pliable superhero, in the awesome tradition of Plastic Man: the pigment of the imagination, the smudge that won't budge, the brilliant Splash Brannigan!

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May. 9th, 2010 07:27 pm
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So, I'd been rereading some Hellboy and thinking about to what extent does using the mythologies and folklores of other cultures is appropriative, especially when problematic phrases like "Indian shaman" are used.  And then I saw this, which nobody some people would still defend.

Seven pages from the Halloween Special of Hellboy Junior, from 1997.  Hellboy Junior in general is just idiotic as opposed to fun like Hellboy comics about young Hellboy, but this, well, see for yourself.

So, have some really obvious racism, transphobia, and hell, throw in sexism!  First person to say "Can't you take a joke?" gets a billion pancakes!

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Edit: I removed five of the seven pages as per the community rules and I'll cut up the pages to make it more whole later on.  I have to run out now, I made dofu fa and am bringing it to a friend's flat for dinner.


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