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And a slight follow up to my last post regarding Indigo/Brainiac 8 in this final Teen Titans run before that pesky rebootlaunch.

half a page worth of material here bringing us I believe to 3.5 total posted pages from the issue.

Defeating a superpowered robot from the future just ain't the fight it used to be... )
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When I first saw that Indigo or Brainiac 8 were going to appear in this final arc I was interested to see what role she'd play...

Two panels from Teen Titans #99 which is sadly the only story we get for Indigo thus far...

Rose versus Indigo (sorta) )

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Because a few people in the Rise of Arsenal Wins Award thread said they hadn't read any/much of RoA, and because the link in the earlier post has lots of macro-manips talking about dead cats, I thought I should link to the scene being referenced. Coulda sworn it was posted here, but if so I couldn't find it through the tags. (If someone can find it, I'll gladly take this post down.)

So, here are 2 pages from Rise of Arsenal #3. Behold the gritty realism of its depiction of drug abuse!

Both cut from double-page spreads. I'll try to fill in the blanks. )

The issue ends with Roy strapped to a table to detox cold turkey, talking with Zombie!Lian, and slowly going totally bugfuck insane in the membrane.
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Preview pages up at Newsarama, as a rejoining member reviews team dynamics, and the newest member meets the team

I just love her costume... not sure why, but I don't care )
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This pairing I refer to as the Dynamite Duo for their... explosive tendencies.

It's been noted that of all the Batclan Tim and Damian are the most at odds, they genuinely hate seem to hate each other.

From the DCU Blog, Teen Titans writer JT Krul has his own take on the relationship

Sibling rivalry extreeeeeeeme! )


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