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It’s broader than [Batman]. I would say the basic idea is every super-hero comic published before the mid-80s switches places with every comic since. For instance, you might not have had the full camp super-hero experience if you haven’t read 1965’s The Mighty Crusaders, or a 1958 Green Arrow story. -- Tom Peyer

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If you love superheroes, you NEED this. If you HATE superheroes, this will change your mind. -- Mark Millar

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It's about two versions of the same hero--one a campy, law-abiding Silver Age type, the other an ultra-violent modern vigilante--trapped on each other's worlds. I like all kinds of comics, old and new, and I think a lot about how they relate to each other. And it struck me that a person of a certain age might view their favorite superhero as an exemplar of, say, civic responsibility and courage, while a reader from a younger generation might see the same hero as a symbol of bloody revenge. Times change, characters change, readers change, but the trademarks and chest symbols stay the same. That's kind of nuts. -- Tom Peyer

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Earth-Omega is a place where the good guys are disillusioned and ultraviolent, the bad guys are even more violent, and the authorities are crooked. They must have had the Comics Code at one time because they seem awfully invested in violating it. -- Tom Peyer

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Black #1

Feb. 17th, 2017 03:34 pm
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"In a world that already hates and fears them -- what if only Black people had superpowers." - Black Mask Studios press release

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I am a huge fan of Supergirl, always have been, but Kara Zor-El has had a rough time finding her place both in the comics canon, and on screen. Her much maligned 1984 movie is often cited as the reason Hollywood has no faith in superheroines. I think the film, while flawed, is not as bad as it's made out to be, and I quite enjoy it, but that's another story.

Likewise the first 33 issues of her solo series after her reintroduction were uneven at best, and downright horrible at worst thanks to her (editorially mandated?) on again off again grimdark past, and anger management issues stemming there from. Stalkerish boyfriends, the inability to keep any supporting cast members past the very brief stays of each creative team, and oh yeah need I remind you of the time she tried to cure cancer?

I'm so psyched to see (admittedly overlong) trailer for her new CBS series which promises a fun tone, and a great ride.

So let's celebrate with the issue where Sterling Gates came on the book and established a new tone for the character, that made her book a joy to read again, a fact which in my opinion, has remained true to this very day even if Sterling's continuity is gone.

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