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"The idea came from a love of vintage advertising and illustration from the 1940s through the 1960s. I really just wanted to create a story that would allow me to play in that world. I also grew up in a very traditional home where the women had very defined roles. Because of that, I have a lot of sympathy for a character that is forced to balance a duel nature."

- Joelle Jones

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Now that they've published 4 stories, I'll post another excerpt from the Marvel Holiday Special 2011, still featuring Kitty Pryde, but this time she's playing second fiddle to the Ever-Loving Blue Eyed Thing

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Action calls and I answer. At some point, I'll be doing a book club for 12 Reasons why I love her by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones.

On the surface, it's a relationship story told out of order. I'm not going to post anything of the actual plot, because I think that a) you should buy it and b) having seen extracts on Scans_daily before I bought it, the earlier parts of the book were actually spoiled for me by knowing what came after/before (it's told out of order. Events from the main narrative out of order are particularly unhelpful).

What it actually is, is just a story of a young woman, including some of her childhood.

Each chapter has a suggested soundtrack. This one is Brian Ferry - September Song, which has good lyrics, but musically doesn't work for me is actually pretty dire, though I can understand if some readers just want to put the book down at the mention of that man's name.
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And for the record, I'm a Spring/Autumn man.

*Points for explaining the subject
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Title: Spell Checkers (Oni Press, 144 pages, 2010)
Creators: Jamie S. Rich (writer), Nicolas Hitori de and Joelle Jones (art)
Availability: Due out 4/21/2010

Lesser news above the fold: Following the example of [personal profile] icon_uk, I've started up a gallery over at Comic Art Fans for my older commissions and such. I'll still likely be spamming you guys with the new stuff, though. ;)

I caught a review of Spell Checkers over at Comics Worth Reading the other day. It was interesting enough that I figured I'd give the book an extra push here.

The basic premise is that three eight-year-old girls -- Cynthea, Kimmie, and Jesse -- went through with a ritual that gave them magic powers, but only so long as they remained a coven of three. Now they're older, popular, and able to use their powers to breeze through school, but they're also chafing badly in each other's company as they figure out that the friends you had when you were eight aren't necessarily the people you want to be around when you're a teenager. Still, they barely tolerate each other for the sake of the power it gives them.

Now, however, their popularity is being challenged by an unseen tormentor, and their magic is starting to fail them. There's a 22-page preview available from the publisher, eight of which are below.

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So it's essentially "Sabrina" meets "Mean Girls". The over-the-top cattiness is amusing in preview-sized doses, but I'm pretty sure the real fun of the book will involve the three girls smacking themselves around with ever more spectacular meltdowns and social implosions. Light maiming wouldn't be a horrible thing either. Not an instant buy for me, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it and at least give it a flip through on the shelf.

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A while back, [personal profile] stubbleupdate requested some Joelle Jones. Because I'm a lazy sod, I'm only now posting this story, the opening act from Madman Atomic Comics #16, "Last Night the Atomics Saved My Life!" by Jones and Jamie S. Rich.

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