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Not long ago, a new issue of Buffy put the spotlight on a new kind of "slayer" - a boy. Generically called Billy the Vampire Slayer, here is part one of the two issue story.
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Four pages from this week's Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Riley one-shot, which shows the events leading up to him becoming a mole in Twilight's camp...

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When you have a comic book, you don't have to pay actors as much, right?

So they brought back Oz.

Who lives in Tibet. In a monastery. And he has an awesome girlfriend named Bayarmaa, who is also a werewolf.

And Kelden. The baby:

Oz with the baby Kelden

That's adorable, isn't it? ADORABLE. Despite how weird they're drawn. Still adorable, dammit.

So you know what is actually even more adorable?

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As posted in the previews and the last post on scans_daily 2.0, this issue shows us again why Buffy is "Buffy the Slayer" and why she is such a great hero. Buffy has been backed into a corner she can't get out from, and for the most part she and the leadership of the slayers have been retreating. They have taken the initiative no, and as usual they go from the frying pan into the fire. Still, Buffy will fight the good fight against overwhelming odds, a fight she will more than likely loose. And yet she goes on, and she inspires the others to fight on, too. We get the results of the big battle.

Here is the spoilerific last image of #30

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